About Ferndale Care Home

Ferndale Care Home's aim is to encourage and assist each resident to live as independently as possible and to have a fulfilling life in a comfortable, secure and happy environment.

We prepare an individual care plan for each resident, with as much assistance as possible from the resident and their families or representatives. We accept the absolute necessity to care for residents physically, but recognise that stimulation, companionship and encouragement are equally important. We encourage residents to follow the hobbies, interests and social activities that they previously enjoyed, as far as is compatible with their current state of comprehension, awareness and manual dexterity.

Our guiding principle is that Ferndale is the resident's home and their move into residential care should enhance, rather than restrict their lives.

We provide professional 24 hour care every day of the year and strive to exceed the 'Essential Standards of Quality and Safety for Care Homes'.

End of Life Care

We treat our residents with respect and dignity at all times but this is especially important as they approach the end of their lives. Our staff are trained to ensure that we offer people the maximum level of independence, choice and control about their care.

We will actively support our residents to stay at Ferndale, in a familiar environment and around people they know.

We will work with the resident, families, doctors, district nurses and other outside agencies to ensure that we always deliver the highest standards of care to ease suffering and enhance life as long as possible.

End of life care focuses on increasing comfort through the treatment of distressing symptoms and working alongside other professionals to provide relief from pain and any other symptoms.

The end of life care plan clearly identifies individual ethnic, cultural and spiritual needs, and these will be respected at all times. Ferndale will welcome ministers of all denominations into the home and ensure privacy is adhered to.